Monday, March 22, 2021

It was so long ago

I am trying to remember what guns I was interested in before Covid and Antifa riots and Gun Ban legislation made gun shopping challenging.

Let the first time buyers get ahead of me in line.  I have guns.

But there are still holes.  Still have gotten a DeLisle.  A suppressed rifle that shoots .45, preferably taking 1911 mags.

And I was close to getting an M&P Shield.  Single stack? (naw, staggerg stack), compact, 9mm.  Maryland friendly.  Replace the J-Frame in my year round carry regime.  I think Tam has an article coming out soon that will address my questions.  

Social media ads seem to think I need an Urban Carry G3 holster.  The small Shield would match with that.  But I don't know.... Master Ken seems to like the crotch protecting features.  Maybe stick with a more conventional holster.

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