Monday, March 8, 2021


My standard blog drought day.  Or I could whine about my spine.  I'm sure you all lover reading about that.

"Everyone talks about their aches and pains, but no one ever does anything about it, T-Bolt."

Not true!  I go for lumbar imagery today.  Two weeks, the Noive Doctor follow up.  I just hope he has a way to fix it a little short of Laminectomy.  I hate ectomies.  This Florida Man performed a wholly different kind of ectomy, but just as unwelcome.  Maybe a bit more unwelcome...

I've had a couple of good days, tho.  You know how I know its a good day?  I go "Up, time for ibuprofen!  Wait...  I don't feel so bad.  I can skip it for now."  Low pain days are nice.

"So what is causing all this, T-Bolt.  What is it?"  

Spinal Stenosis.  Most like caused by:  Old.  A narrowing of the channel the nerves ride in, both the main cord itself and all the branches off of it. Thing that didn't help it:  

  • 6 years of military style physical training every week.
  • Working in microbrewery throughout the 90s lifting kegs that weighed 140 pounds, grain sacks that weighed 50, trashcans full of wet, spent, malted barley, shifting hundreds of beer cases at a go.  Oh and shoveling enough snow to get semi trailers to back to our door.  And the 90s had quite a few good snow storms.
  • Three decent car accidents that didn't send me to the doctor, but weren't nothing, either. 
  • And 20 years of system administrator posture.
But mostly just being old.  It's arthritis on the bones narrowing the channels, ya know.  No history in the family of people with similar issues except maybe dad.  He had a twinge in his back that would come on sudden.  It went away of it's own accord by the time he was about my age now. 

But, lets get some pictures.  Clearer ones, this time.    

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