Monday, March 15, 2021

Maybe I'm Not Too Fat

(And I take a lot of my self defense online training from Master Ken, of course.)

I view Mr Correia's videos on youtubeyoutube, too.  He is a man of similar size and carriage as me.  But until this Master Ken video I didn't know he did appendix carry.  A lightbulb went off.  Maybe a guy as fat as me CAN appendix carry.  I'll have to get the blue gun and putter around the house, see how it feels.


Mike V said...

I’m just not a fan. Generally I’m an OWB on the side kinda guy.

Pigpen51 said...

I have been chastised before about AIWB carry, and how it is safe, and how I don't know what I don't know, etc.
The biggest issue I have is, if you are carrying AIWB, at some point, whether you are sitting in your car or just on a chair, you are pointing that weapon at your body. Now I learned the 4 rules of proper gun handling safety ala Col. Cooper just like everyone else, and I had them pretty much as being solid and not negotiable. Yet by carrying with your gun in a position where it can easily be pointed at your femoral artery simply when you sit in your car or when you move in or out of it, you seem to be voiding one of the rules on purpose.
I asked about it in an online discussion once and was chastised by gun people, who made me feel as if I was the worst sort of human being for not only asking such a stupid question, but for asking such a stupid question of the person that I asked it of, since they were someone that I didn't know, and were apparently a gun guru or something.
To say, " well, it must be safe, look how many people get away with it" is in my opinion not really much of an answer. A lot of people get away with not wearing a seatbelt in their car yet it is still not a safe thing to do. I like Mike V's method of carry. Can anyone explain just why it is totally safe to carry AIWB, and how it doesn't violate any of the 4 safety rules of gun handling?