Saturday, March 13, 2021

USAF lose badly to CHICOMS

Yeah, but I bet their pass rate on Sensitivity Training was WAY better than the Chinese People's Army.

I had the idea for this post 3 days ago, and now it looks like everyone has had the same comment.  When I was in the military it was drilled into me that training was nearly the most important thing you could be doing, second only to victory in battle.  

It did not mean Sensitivity Training.    

But maybe today training to fight and winning battles are no longer the priority at DoD.  I've had my DD214 a long time.  Screw victory in battle in the 21st Century.  Now have a victory over a new anchor.  

Is this the best use of your time Command Signal Major Lemon?  You sound like Swallwell.  Never a good look.

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