Friday, March 12, 2021

This is healthcare!

"You can't pay for anything out of pocket! That's insane!"

So my MRI place got bought out by MedStar, and they decided that I don't get an MRI unless I jump through a buncha hoops first.  What a difference 3 months makes.  So no imaging.  My doctor's office is trying to go to bat for me before the next appointment on the 23rd. 

Thanks Obama.

"We'll let you get an MRI after 2 more doctor visits, and 16 more PT sessions, all at $30 a pop, co-pay."

I did PT.  It made things worse.  And all that costs more than the $500 an MRI goes for. 


But, I got an appointment for the vax.  St Paddy's day.  It's a dice throw on which company, but everyone that got the one and done J&J here have had flu like symptoms for 2 days after.  So if I get that one I better hit the pubs right away before it kicks in.  

"How did you manage that?  Are you special?"

Sorta?  Essential worker and all that.  Though they aren't really demanding proof apart from my word.  I will be the last in my extended family to get a shot.  Even my work from home Navy brother got one already, and the over-70s have all gotten both shots.  The office I work at only has one more person that hasn't gotten an appt lined up.  Dollars to donuts, before May some of us will be leaving the mask in the car. 


Marty said...

Got mine already. Road trip next week.

Justin_O_Guy said...

I was Told that if I withheld the fact that I have Medicare and paid cash I could be prosecuted for Medicare FRAUD! If I have full coverage and the car gets a ding but rather than pay the deductible and the increase in rates, I Choose to pay it out of pocket, I committed no fraud. How is it fraud to Pay the price, Actually PAYING not gaining,, how is that fraud?
It's Almost as if someone wants to force us to accept insanity as reasonable.