Tuesday, March 30, 2021


These aren't loopholes New York Post. (I prolly shouldn't blame the Post for an AP story, but they did put it up.)

"The killer bought a gun and then had a gun."  And?

"The killer bought a gun despite having an assault conviction as a minor." Yeah, I agree, if you are gonna make a person prohibited then felony convictions, or violent misdemeanors, should qualify as a legit reason.  But to have a background check system that catches on to such then the gummint has to actually report people as bad guys to the background check system.   Incompetence or a legally expunged youth record. Not a loophole.  This journalist even recognizes that.  Still calls it a loophole.

Here's a thought.  When repeated failure of gun control laws fail to stop something, maybe that failed regulation should be repealed before thinking up something new to add to the pile of regulations?  Background checks failed to stop the last umpteen mass shootings, so no more background checks.  They clearly aren't working.  Or, 'working.'

"...bought a Ruger AR-556 pistol, a semi-automatic weapon with a 30-round capacity"  Yeah, it also has a 10 round capacity and a 20 and a 100.  Citified journalism degree ignorance?  You can almost hear the wheels in his head kachunking.  Wait, is this an AR-15?  It says AR.  But that number after it is bigger than 15.  Does that mean it is that much more dangerous?  But it's a pistol, and I coulda swore AR-15 were rifles.

The writer does float the idea that sex-addicts should be banned from gun ownership that same as Reefer Addicts already are.

But lets be honest here.  The reason their side wants a background check on every sale is to get backdoor gun registry up, over time.  Once they are confident of the location of a goodly number of the nations 500,000,000 extant firearms then a gun confiscation from law-abiding owners becomes possible.  Want to get a universal background check passed tomorrow?  Take the serial numbers off the NICS check.  The gun banners want the registry and won't agree because they think they can win it their way, but you will see where they stand if you bring up the idea.

In another shooting "legally purchased six firearms in the three years before he opened fire on a municipal building, including the two .45-caliber pistols used in the attack. An independent review of the shooting, commissioned by the City of Virginia Beach, found that he displayed no warning signs or “prohibited behaviors associated with a pathway to violence,” and that he had no known history of mental health treatment."  What loophole was this?  What law does the writer want passed that would address this?  A law against murder

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Marty said...

"Want to get a universal background check passed tomorrow? Take the serial numbers off the NICS check."

Scream this in their faces.