Monday, March 29, 2021


Baltimore is telling folks to trespass all they want.  No longer any real consequences.  If it was an Open Carry city you could be told by the store owner to leave and not come back with a gun  on your hip and nothing would happen to you.  The cops wouldn't make you leave.  Trespassing was how gun squishes kept OC out of their stores.

But Bawlmer isn't carry friendly.  Fine.  Well now you can piss in the middle of a barroom (which is also legal) and when the bartender tells you to leave you don't have to.  You aren't trespassing.  What if they have a bouncer?  Well, without the trespassing part isn't the bouncer just assaulting you?  The courts will still prosecute that.  


Jonathan H said...

I'm sure they'll still prosecute certain people for certain of those crimes...
And I predict the people who DO get prosecuted will be Conservatives and mostly, if not entirely, White.

Marty said...