Friday, March 26, 2021

Grocery Report

 Not much to report.  I stopped sorta doing this when things got back to normalish in the early fall.  Supplies were decent, and there were few shortages.  

Moreso now.  All the cleaners were in place, and there was so much paper goods that they were stacking Brawny and Bounty on the floors in front of the shelves.  

One other thing.  Traffic backup are back to normal.  Which is unwelcome.  It means people are going into the office as these backup aren't on schoolbus routes.  


Jonathan H said...

Around here things are pretty much back to normal, though it is more common for the grocery store to be out of one of the items on our list that week - recent trips we haven't been able to get our preferred (store brand) wheat bread, our preferred (cheap!) laundry detergent, and our preferred frozen pizza.

Except for the signs and other people wearing masks, things are pretty much back to normal. I was surprised to walk into a store last week that recently started enforcing mask wearing. They were a jerk about it, so I went elsewhere. Around here, most stores are not enforcing mask wearing. In several stores, I'm starting to see employees not wearing masks at all, or wearing them clearly improperly.

If the state doesn't change its rules soon, they will become irrelevant, at least in this area.

Marty said...

Looking close to normal on this road trip. Parks are wide open. Beaches in Florida had more thongs than masks. Waffel House does have clear plexi between booths. Gas prices are up $1.25 again.