Thursday, May 13, 2021


 Now the CDC says you don't need a mask if you are vaccinated.

"Yes, T-Bolt, but how will you prove to me that you are vaccinated?"

Well, because I am not wearing the mask.  If I hadn't been vaccinated I'd still be wearing it, wouldn’t I?

"Not good enough."

You have my word of honor.

"Still not good enough."

Then you can go pound sand down a rathole, Muthah Hubbard.


David said...

Just another means of pushing their vaccine travel paper dreams on us. The government does nothing out of altruism.

Meanwhile, Gov. Blackface of VA says he is "reviewing" CDC guidelines.

Marty said...

I do what I anyway.

Jonathan H said...

Did you see where some liberals are purposely wearing masks outside so they don't get mistaken for conservatives?

They are now even more solely a virtue signal...