Monday, May 3, 2021

Gasp! Zombie Ammo!

Yeah, I bought a box of that on a lark.  10 years ago?  Of course I did.  Mine was a Hornady label, but other companies copied the theme.  Don't need gimmicks to sell ammo these days...  The trick is keeping it on the shelf to sell more of.

Well border patrol caught some small time smuggling, and because of the packaging... It's NEWS!  A box of lower power pistol ammo in among a shipment of household good.  Almost the perfect cirme!


It's .38 special.  In a box with a picture of a zombie.  Nothing else.  I bet you can't just easily buy ammo in Honduras.  They've been tightening what was a pretty free gun control regime down there.  Like that helps reduce crime.  Some Central American immigrant to the US is going back home and he wants to be able to feed his plain Jane revolver to protect himself, his stuff, and his family.  It might be completely innocent.  Dude thought what was the big deal shipping my stuff home to myself?  ANd it is no bigs, really.  Prolly just another made-up federal felony we all violate unknowingly every day.  Oh know, I bought the wrong orchid, ate the wrong lobster, knocked over a lamp in a federal building, and now I am gonna go to Ft Leavenworth Supermax for 40 years. 

I mean, it IS bad to smuggle ammo to the cartels south of our border, but, this doesn't feel like that.  Can't CBP do a big press release about a time they found 50,000 rounds of 7.62x39 heading south fast and furiously?  Did the return address say Eric Holder?

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Marty said...

I bought a case of zombie branded ammo long ago and got a free neon zombie survival knife (well, a knife-like-object) I need .38 right now, dammit!!