Friday, May 14, 2021

Health Update

Because I have no other blog fodder.

The Neurologist finally got around to test me.  Found nothing.  Maybe a little wrist carpal tunnel.  Pfff.

But blood work shows some anomalies.  Is it allergies?  Is is Rheumatoid Arthritis?  Is is kidney problems from MONTHS OF DAILY IBUPROFEN USE?  (I know what I think...) But, anyway, Hematologist referral today for that lab number.  It's a mystery!  Maybe.

Yesterday was the second lidocaine back shot to be sure I can take some Radio Frequency Ablation back there.  Ablation will eliminate back pain for 6-24 months.  That can't come too soon, see: Ibuprofen use.  I'd like to go a few weeks without the Advil.  For my health.  

Neuropathy in my extremities?  We'll see.  It isn't Lyme disease.    

Happy Pi Day.  Wait, no, that's March.

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