Saturday, May 8, 2021

It's Weird

Why is there a rash of reports, often with video, of black people attacking Asians?  

Did word go out "it's time to beat up Asian people" in cultural media sources I am not privy to?  

Is the mainstream media just stressing this now, and there are just as many crazed Sikh beating up ginger haired people as there are black people attacking Chinese folks?

Seemed like 3 years ago Asians weren't targeted but Hasidic Jews, and only in NYC, were the target.  And that was supposed to be Trump's fault, but the videos of the attacks, the attackers didn't look like they had MAGA hats.

Only Jussie Smollett was attacked by Chicago MAGA folks, I was informed.

It's just weird.  Why the hate on Asians all of a sudden?  There have been other surges, that faded, in the past (bodega resentment?), but why this new surge?


McChuck said...

Asians are multiplying in the US, and blacks are coming into more contact with them. Also, Asians are being successful, and blacks resent and hate all those who succeed. As they are taught to do in school, and by the media.

Marty said...

The BLM story is losing ratings. Asian Bashing is the new hotness.

Miguel GFZ said...

The animosity between Asians and Black is not new by far. Roof Koreans did not form because White Supremacists were looting burning their stores. You are just enjoying a news cycle which crimes against Asians are mentioned, but the race of who is committing the crimes is being left purposely out so you while you are still being told about the evils of White Supremacy. They expect you to come up with your own erroneous conclusion which helps their narrative.

Aaron said...

It's been going on for quite awhile.

The reason its getting publicity now is the media wants to highlight bias attacks against Asians, while implying whites/Trump supporters are to blame which is why they're rather cagey about identifying the identities of the attackers.

B said...

What Aaron said.

THe attacks against asians have been going on since before the Rodney King riots, the percentage has been nearly always 85% blacks attacking asians (although the definition now includes Pacific Islaners, so those stats might be suspect).
But however you put it, for decades, Blacks have been attacking "asians"...the asians do business in black neighborhoods, and the blacks resent it. Further the areas where each culture lives often intersect.
THe Media , as Aaron has stated, is just highlighting the attacks. (and, of course, not telling us who/what race the perpetrators are, and implying that it is the Trump supporters).