Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Just as an exercise.  Let's say SCOTUS comes back with more than we'd ever dare to hope on that 2nd Amendment case.

Justice Thomas: "Heck, this country isn't full Vermont carry, but if you can prove you passed a NICS check you can carry CCW anywhere, legally, that isn't a controlled area like an Airport or a Courthouse ... places with a metal detector.  In 18 states you don't even need that.  But if you have a Chicago FOID, or a UTAH out of state CCW Permit, or a Maryland Firearm Purchase Permit, or that permit thing Massachusetts made you get... you can carry without permission in the Smithsonian, or the streets of Honolulu, or Times Square.  And those permits shouldn't cost much.  $60 every 5 years maybe too much.  Oh, and of course you can carry at your Post Office! That bad was nonsense."

Wow.  Just shy of 'the 2nd is your carry permit.'

And... Heh, instituting them FOIDs in non-permissive really bit them gun grabbers in the ass. 

Anyway, at that point nothing is legally stopping me from carrying a full size pistol at work in an IWB holster.  Finally.  Except they might tell me if they catch me I am fired.  I'd expect a lotta offices like mine would put in metal detectors and upgrade the security staff.  Our gate guards are pitiful.  Unarmed trip wires.  They only tell me a crazed shooter has entered the building when I hear the shots that kill their unarmed ass.  Then I am all Run, Hide, Fight training they make us take every year.  With nothing to fight with.

Anyway.  At work I would have to undoubtedly use my car as a gunsafe until management got their heads out of their asses.  Booooooo.

But I would have to!  I go to the store after work.  I go to the gas station.  I park in my neighborhood and walk to my door.  All places I normal people carry.  I'd have to mount up in the car.


It's situations like that that make a lazy person pocket carry a j-frame everywhere.  Which is also sub-optimal

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Glypto Dropem said...

I worked for a company based in Buffalo, NY that had a small office here in Kommiecticut. It was forbidden by company rules to have weapons ofany kind. I carried my Ruger SR9c concealed every day, and if I had to go into a guarded federal building I locked it up in a security box attached to my company car. I had another in a lockable desk drawer in case I had to run up to MA or NY.

I didn't care much about their stupid rules. Our office was in a building with other businesses that was frequented by ne'er-do-wells. We had to keep our office door closed and locked to keep people from just waltzing in.