Saturday, May 29, 2021

Oopsie, Masky

So I used Saturday's post yesterday because I forgot to think of something for Friday.  Mea Culpa.

So, Maryland went from 100% masking discipline 2 weeks ago and is about 50% at my now mask-optional shopping places this week.  The beer store and the grocery store.  

So, back to normal is almost here.  If only 2x4s cost a coupla bucks, again, gas was a buck cheaper, and American Eagle plinking ammo was plentiful and could be bought 1000 at a time at normalish prices. THEN we would be back to where we need to be.  

Why did some of you vote for Biden again?  Just because Trump was an asshole?  Yeah, I didn't like him either, but I need you to come fill my gas tank a coupla times, now.    


Ritchie said...

What did anyone think would happen? Again? Oh, wait, that would require introspection and forethought of the Screen People. Perhaps the Screen People will be the equivalent of the Sea Peoples, who are blamed for the collapse of the Mediterranean Bronze Age. Nobody really knows who the Sea Peoples were, so for now it's OK to blame them.

Jonathan H said...

Have the Maryland rules changed, or has enforcement dropped?
I freely admit I haven't paid much attention to the restrictions in Maryland
Where I have been, most places didn't enforce masks even thought there was a mandate from the governor - and I stayed away from the few stores that did. Heck, even my doctor's office didn't enforce masks and it as in a hospital that didn't either!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Weeks ago, the day after the CDC dropped, governor Hogan also dropped restrictions. Pending the calls of the County gov'ts. My super liberal county said May 28th. I went to buy cheesy poofs on the day they put the 'mask optional' signs up.