Wednesday, May 5, 2021

MD Bumpstock Ban

Maryland has one, and SCOTUS declines to hear a case about it.

Yeaaaaah.  Bumpstocks don't have a lotta positive PR out there.  I don't think you want a SCOTUS case on them right now.  It's no one's hero issue.  

I am not fond of them.  And I am progun.  Not because I want them banned or even regulated, but because of their bad reputation among the straights already.  I would love it if the Overton Window was shifted and the Bumpstock Battleground was where our side was fighting and winning, but that field is way behind enemy lines, like, east of the Rhine, and we'll have to push them back a ways to meet them there.  Let's fight and win "oh yes, there is a right to bear a CCW outside the home, of COURSE" in SCOTUS-Bastogne first.   

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Marty said...

While they are arguing over bump stocks 18 states have now passed constitutional carry. All 50 states and DC allow the concealed carry of firearms with various hoops to jump through. More are SHALL issue and fewer and fewer are MAY issue. No blood in the streets. Record sales of guns, no increase in gun crimes.