Tuesday, May 25, 2021


If SBRs got removed from the NFA, what would I get?

10 years ago I'd get a short KRISS.  Today?  Meh.  I am less enamored.

Short AR?  Meh.  Them things are loud, and I don't have a pack I want to tote a short rifle in.

Now, suppressors, that would be different.  Not that ANY appropriate barrels I own have threads.  So I'd have to so all that.  

A .45 SBR with a suppressor?  That I might roll out of bed for.  


Marty said...

I have a Suppressed .45 SBR and I love it. And a suppressed 300BLK SBR Love both. NFA is a stupid racist, classist law.

Jonathan H said...

If SBRs were dropped, I'd make semi auto versions of several sub guns with the original short barrel and stock - like PPS-43, Skorpion, and Uzi.