Monday, May 24, 2021

Conservative Candidates

Even if you mean the butt, you can't say the butt.  We SEE you, Little Marco.

"I'm all for the Second Amendment, but"

I know you are saying it that way because you want to be on both sides of the issue.  Get the votes from us neanderthal gunnies, AND get the votes from suburban Karen-moms.

But it hasn't worked that way in a while.  The gunnies know what it means from the jump.  It means you are against the Second Amendment.

Look at Trump, Little Marco.  He's as against the Second as you are.  But he NEVER said the 'but'.  He means the but, but never said the but.  See his poor record as president on the issue?  But he ate your lunch on the campaign trail and one of the ways he ate it was by knowing what phrasing had gone stale and become counter-productive.   

Too late now.  But try to remember this, going forward.  It applies to other parts of your job.  Try to be a leader and smart politicians in the future instead of a follower and out of touch politician like you are.  Good luck.  

And don't make the mistake Lil Marco did, other conservatives.  Stop kissing up to Democrats with the fence sitting.  Them dirty Progs will never love you and it alienates your base

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Windy Wilson said...

When someone says, "I believe in X BUT. . .", everything before the "but" is a lie.