Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Choo Choo

People giving us the bidness because we don't have enough trolleys and high speed rail.

We literally have the BEST rail system in the world.  Bar none.  Built up from a bit of a shambles in the late 60s, early 70s.  We just use it to move stuff around instead of people.  Our dispersed population moves people around in gas powered cars and cheap cattle car airplanes.  Some people like that, some people hate that.  But that is no reason to go all Manhattan project on a separate trillions dollar high speed rail that some people will like and some people will hate.  The whole idea is nonsense on stilts.  A product that has no demand so the only way it gets built is tax money?  Pfui.  


Mike V said...

As I understand it, NONE of the passenger rail systems in other countries turn a profit and are heavily subsidized.

We've what a cluster California's venture in to passenger rail service has turned into, so no thank you very much.

Jonathan H said...

Exactly. Airplanes for Mass transit and cars for dispersed transit work better for the US.
BTW, how's the safety record for the Chinese high speed rail? They had at least one large high profile accident.

ProudHillbilly said...

China may have built high speed rail but it did it while being the world's biggest polluter. So I'm not clear why it matters.

Personally, I find rail and flight a pita so I drive. If it wasn't a pita I might...well, no. Given where I live it will remain too much of a pita to bother with.