Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Another doctor day

I am lucky I banks SO MUCH sick time at work before they changed the policy.  

Symptom chasing today.  Foot doctor to see if there are better solutions to get these sores healed.  Back doctor to tell them the good news; their ablation work and the work of Lyrica has made nigh-unbearable lumbar pain into mere background noise.

When the supply chain allows, Chemotherapy to work on my fatigue from anemia.  I am getting good sleep, but that sleep doesn't help a lack of red blood cells.  

Ain't no gun content in the above.  Ok.

Saw bits of a newish show Y: The Last Man.  It's about a plague type thing that kills everything with a Y chromosome all at once.  Like instantly.  So, bad bad.  Half the population, dead.  If the two people flying your plane are men, well, they are dead and so are you.  Mostly men drill for oil.  Mostly men work in the sewer.  Mostly mean mine coal.  Mostly men run powerplants.  You see?  So the show is all about catching up after those things go by the wayside.  Oh, and that one guy that didn't die.  He's sort of important. 

Either FX or Hulu.  Not sure.  Original storyline is kinda fun.  Plenty of work for actresses, that's sure.  Diane Lane!

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Ygolonac said...

It's Hulu, and originally an award-winning comic published under DC's "Vertigo" imprint; IIRC, it was a "mature" book, with a goodly amount of cussin' and fightin', not sure about nakidity and associated activities. (Never read it myself, just read the blurbs about the latest issues of other books in ones I was reading. 60 issues, god only hows ow close Hollywood is hewing to the original. (Prediction: about as close as they usually do, so "not very".)

Spoilers for both comics and teevee: