Sunday, October 17, 2021

Look what they done to me

I tell ya, Dentists have nothing on Podiatrists for causing pain.  These are bullshit.  Suppose to wear these whenever I am not sleeping.  Shower every other day.  Change the dressing underneath after the shower.  

Doctors aren't there to make you better.  They are there to make you sorry.  




Bigus Macus said...

I'm in the same place with the boot of shame ( also know as Mr. Clompy) on my left foot.

McChuck said...

Doctors provide a service for money. If you no longer needed their services, you'd stop paying them.

Ygolonac said...

If that's the blocky "keep weight off the injury" thing on the left, I so feel your pain - mine was for 15 cm of incisions that the wanted to heal before stitching, and bloody *hell* that was horrible. "Excuse me while I quarter-step everywhere... oh, wait, time to fold up the walker to brace myself when going up/down stairs."

If the Frankenboot on the right doesn't match in height, you want to avoid standing for any real amount of time - the level differences will absolutely *murder* your back, and you already hurt enough there.

Hope you heal fast... mine took months, between healing enough to stitch, the stitches themselves, and the scarring not really liking being stretched by taking my full weight. (The 'beetus doesn't help in that regard.)