Friday, October 8, 2021

Cancer News

Finally!  I am officially sick enough to start treatment.  Hooray!  Chant with me.



Expected prognosis after I get the chemo juice?  Less anemia, more energy.

Probably shrink that weird mass in the stomach, too.  But the cancer comes from the bone marrow, mostly.  This will obviate the need to surgically remove that odd mass in your the stomach, if it does shrink.

The maybe, as in, seen it happen but can make no promises...  Less neuropathy in the feet and legs.  That will help my blood blisters.  Wanna see?

 And that's when it was mild.  Healing up to this:

That was 3 weeks ago.  That hole is even smaller.  An important trick with today's bandaids is to peel them off without ripping up healthy OTHER skin, just increasing the misery. 

The other foot is healing too, but slower.

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