Sunday, October 3, 2021

Well, that's enough activity for me.

Stupid cancer.

I replaced the terlet seat and now I am exhausted.  The old seat always gives me a hard time on removal.  I should have, YEARS ago, upgrades to the better terlet seat nuts for easier removal.

A little hacksaw work, a little vise grip action, and no damage to the bowl.  

Because of my condition it is very hard to get down to the floor.  It is harder to get back up again.  But I did.  That's enough for one day.  

Well, I do have to attend to the laundry.  I have no pants for next week.  


New twist.  Doc's found a GIST.  Every new doc finds something new, NONE have anything to relieve the symptoms.  Like that getting down on the floor thing.    That's the most frustrating part of it all.

What's the gist of a GIST?  Gastrointestinal Strohmal Tumor.  Hooray.  So we gotta sus that all out now. 


Almost stymied by a toilet seat.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  But at least it's one of them new fangled no-slam seats, now.  Treat myself. 

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