Friday, October 22, 2021

It's almost wool socks season....

I am unduly psyched.  Maybe I'll have been personal temperature regulations this season. 

And they are cushiony.  Good for my feet.  Which better heal.

Foot sores slightly better.  AND got a 4PM appt with the guy on Tuesday.  Good, because I get 4PM appts with the Oncologist on MWF.  This is perfect.  Maybe I can increase sick time again instead of digging a hole.


Waiting for the chemo drug to get FedExed to me was a HUGE ordeal that burned 3 vacation days sussing out.  First, FedEx HATES to get signatures in my neighborhood.  Slows em down?  No come to the remote parking lot across town in the sketch neighborhood after dark, instead.  "Oh, you are disabled?  And this is cancer medicine?  Lemme see if we can help you, Mr. Jovian."  Always with the Mr. First-Name.  Anyway, we are now off to the races.

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