Monday, October 11, 2021

Trouble down Mill

Over-promise, under-deliver.  It's what Gramps Studebaker taught us.  We'd still be making fine cars today if not for that philosophy.  That and the plant burned to the ground.  I thought is a good time to modernize and actually move the company f'rward, but no.  My family ended up putting old wooden-wheel and leather belt lineshaft equipment in the new facility.  Ball bearing!  I told them they were important.  They were the future.  It's ALL ball bearings these days.  It's why you don't drive a nice two-tone Commander touring sedan.   

194,000 people.  That's a lotta people.  Couldn't fit that many in the parking lot here.  Imagine the stink, cuz there is NO way we'll be able to let enough porta-potties on the property, either.  Folks would start dropping from the dysentery right quick like.  Do all 194,000 people have to alive to have a job?  Thhy better hurry and catch up on their mandatory online sensitivity training and how to treat sensitive company proprietary document and customer PII.  

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