Thursday, December 2, 2021

I said no side effects

From the mono-clonal antibody infusions, but that's not entirely true.

All these are mild.  Very mild.  

I get the scoots.  Light scoot, admittedly.  WITH constipation.  That's a new experience.  Simultaneously having the runs and not being able to go at the exact same time.  INORITE?  Weirdest damn thing.

3 minutes of fever.  And an hour later 3 minutes of fever again.

Sleeplessness, but then the next morning not suffering from that perceived lack of sleep.  

So, the real answer is 'no truly bothersome side effects.'  Noticeably more energy.  No impact on neuropathy?  Maybe more pain sensors activating in the bad areas.  My fingers sting like burnt.   

I miss beer.  I miss cocktails.  I miss bourbon.  I want to smoke a pipe of tobacco.  


Laura said...

for that first one...i'm sorry. drink more water and consume more fiber, it'll keep things happier.

Borepatch said...

This is a big improvement from even ten years ago when my brother went through chemo. Sorry it's weird but glad it's not almost killing you.