Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Saw it.  Finally

It was a'ight.  I liked it.  Seemed to be more of a vehicle to do their long shots gimmicks with the camera.  Only three or so real 'cuts'.  But a lovely cast of thousands.

To make German soldiers seem like bad guys Hollywood tries to make them look like right bastards, and they did it here.  Oh sure, they also have the one young innocent bystander German, that dies tragically.  Another trope that often has to be included.  But the ripe ass Bosch is prevalent.  Boo!  Germans!  Like Nazis but from before.

Of course propaganda at the time 100 years ago was way ahead of Hollywood, and may have been include in the movie 1917 in the parallel Earth where there was no WWII, too.

It was easy to make the damn Hun the bad guys before that Hitler fella came around.  Got 4 years of hate against em for the rape of Belgium, the Brits did, oy.

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