Thursday, April 30, 2020

And another one

Got the third case of Wuhan Flu at the office.

Big Management heard on the 19th.  Didn't bother telling the peons on the 29th.  And they haven't told us what floor this time, yet.  And only supposedly cleaned the area of this individual on the 22nd.  Wherever that was/is.  The office continues to remain open and largely staffed with our plethora of essentials. 

Bastards at the upper levels have really underwhelmed me with this whole thing.   The way they've handled it and communicated with us.  Usually they are 3 days behind, waiting for what THEIR upper levels tell them what to do, I think.  This time, 10 days behind.

If I get it and die, well, my family knows all this information.

I am disappointed.

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