Sunday, April 19, 2020

Well, Shazam

Another study by Captain Obvious.  

"Homicide victims are criminals, too."


I'm half tempted to insist the data collectors suss out Red on Red homicide.  Crook on Crook.  Felons shooting Felons.  Omar never raised a gun on no citizen.  So those homicides shouldn't be counted when making gun-control policy, tyrants, you already told all them 'no.'

But it's dangerous to do that.  I mean, there ARE convicted felons that get murdered and certainly don't deserve it.  You can't just right them all off.  You can't say a felon has no right to self defense.  Felons do indeed have rights.  Convicts do indeed reform and walk the straight and narrow path and still get tangled up as a bystander.

It'd be easier if you went "11,020 people were killed with firearm homicide in 2021.  998 were justified DGU between cops or citizens airing out bad guys.  6,566 were felon on felon where both felons were still really bad people doing really bad things.  So don't count either of those categories."

It would excessively hard to get that kind of statistic.

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McChuck said...

The average shooter has at least 20 priors.
The average victim has at least 10 priors.
These are career criminals, mostly gang members. None of them are innocents. They are fighting their own little wars on the streets.

The real problem is that they can't aim. Drive-bys kill innocents.