Saturday, April 11, 2020

That settles it

Now I know the whole push for vote by mail is a fraud.  Hillary and Fauxcahontas are for it, that means it's for cheating.  It's for making it so Republicans can't win ever again.  Republicans are flawed, but they are the only creatures with any help keeping this system as much like a Republic as possible.  I wish they were better at it.

I'm of the stripe that there should be no absentee ballots or early voting.  You vote in person on election day and that's it.  If you are sick or deployed of homebound, well, you don't get it.  You can vote when you are ashore, Sailor.  Or when you have a DD214.  It's ok.  I dont care if you make it a holiday.

(P.S.  Also Barry the dog eater.  So you really know it is a bad idea.)

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Angus McThag said...

Voting is literally the most important duty of the sovereign citizen.

We treat it like a chore instead.

I've long felt that if you can't bother to take a couple days off every couple years to vote in primaries and elections then we don't want your vote.

I'm with you, the only exception to voting in person should be those who are sacrificing being home in service to the rest of us. Military and State Department.