Sunday, April 5, 2020

Maryland is Weird

Sure it has bad control, but also lots of gun control laws that are feckless and poorly written. When there is a push, they enact bad laws, but the rest of the time it is mostly just benign neglect that the pols don't pay too much attention to.

Everytown musta got to their Democrat cat's paws and whinged.

"Republican Governor Hogan!  Close the gun stores!"

Yeah, I bet he don't.   Not if he has designs on the big chair in 2024.

Plus it is too late for the most part.  The gun stores have had plenty of time to sell sell sell.  Even in Maryland.   Barn doors closing weeks after the horses have left.  So this is all on orders from the Dem's higher ups, doing their bidding, to bring the issue to the people's attention, I guess.  Totally symbolism, no substance. 

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