Friday, April 10, 2020

Starting to hear of people

I'm starting of hear of people... REAL people I've run into in the elevator in the past 3 years... that were positive, got sick, are feeling better now, and didn't need a hospital, and will be back to work after they get cleared in a week or two.  

So, sick, but mild.

No one I KNOW-know has come up with the Sino Sinus Syphilis yet.

Mom sent a mask.  I made other masks out of a tshirt sleeve I cut off.  (Double layer.)  I look like an ass, but it may well protect other folk, so...  Good.  

I feel fine, as of right now.

Making my own snacks out of chex cereal.  Not need to swing somewhere to get a bag of tater chip.  

Speaking of which, I have lots of taters.  

All of the above is good for personal morale, so far.

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