Sunday, April 26, 2020

Been Fantasizing About Food

Food I can't get right now.  Pub food.  In a pub.  I just have a hankerin' for a steak and cheese sub and bad crinkle cut fries brought to me by a waitress with pints of keg beer. 

I hope that shushi place survives, but I'll need that or some other sushi joint when this thing is over.

So, those are my work thoughts.

As for home menu's.

I used to have a more varied menu plan.  I'm in a rut.  Port chops, then steak, then braised chicken thighs, then stew, then spaghetti, and then home made fried chicken.  All good but I need to mix it up.

  • I haven't bought a packet of tortellin in 20 years.  That and sauce would be good.
  • I need to make burritos a bit more frequently.  Tuesdays!
  • ersatz crab cakes with canned tuna and bread crumbs.  Hmmm, I can afford the crab these days, I'm no longer 24 years old.
  • More fresh fish filets.  Big piece of cod or sockeye.  Fried in butter 4-5 minutes a side, with salt and pepper, dash of lemon juice.
  • 10 years ago I braised short beef ribs.  Need to do that again.  
  • And would it hurt to do a pork tenderloin now and again?


Bigus Macus said...

Through in some Mexican or Asian. How about some Brats and Kraut? The weather has been getting better start grilling.

McChuck said...

Abbreviated crockpot recipes (serve with):

Brats/Kielbasa, kraut, corn (mashed potatoes)

Chicken/Pork, brown sugar, soy sauce, ginger, veggies (rice)

Chicken/Pork, honey mustard, veggies (noodles)

Chicken, broth, artichokes, curry powder, veggies (rice)

Chicken/Pork, BBQ sauce (anything)

Beef, tomato sauce, soy sauce, veggies (noodles)

ProudHillbilly said...

I vook a big variety of foods, but I want to sit in my seat at the bar and be served a draft beer.

B said...

If they are open for take out, then get some.

It might just help them sty open