Thursday, April 16, 2020

I found this story odd

Rita Wilson's story.  Her and Tom Hanks tested positive for Wuhan Flu before March 11th, in Australia.

She's fine now, great, but she got chloroquine and warned about side effects, maybe being not worth it.  Vertigo and nausea, that sort of thing.  Playing down that treatment as untested.  Maybe ineffective.  She had “extreme side effects”. From the treatment, she says. Maybe it helped her, maybe it didn't.  Fair enought.

I don't know if she is a liberal.  Probably.  I don't know if she never wants to say something nice about Trump, or give him any credit. Maybe.  I mean she isn't going full Rosie O'Donnell here.  She's not being rude about it.  It's just the vibe I get.

The article also says: She was given the drug about Day 9 of her illness, she said.

When did Trump first mention it?  Was it on the 19th?   Did Rita or her doctors in Australia get the idea of a possible treatment directly from Trump?  Is it BECAUSE of Trump (admittedly, Trump heard about from other sources, and so did I, before Trump mentioned it, her doctors could have been already on this trolley, too.)

Well, she's ok.  And so is Tom.  And so is my buddy I camp with (he only got Arithromyacin and 12 hours in the hospital.)  And one guy at work.  Another guy at work only went positive recently.  No I was not in contact with any of these.  So, lucky me.

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David R Cass said...

Rita Wilson is a raging liberal.