Thursday, April 2, 2020

I disagree

"First time gun buyers should not be allowed to buy."

I think that during an emergency the first time buyers should be forced to buy TWO guns.  Punishment for waiting too long.  Like a stupid tax.  Kinda like price gouging, raising the cost of entry, but not permanent, because they can sell the spare gun after everything is over.  And the flush of post panic guns coming back to the market will much more quickly bring the prices down to pre panic levels or lower.

In fact if a state of the federal gumminst declares a national emergency the background check system should be suspended for affected locales.  Cut through some of the dang regulations.

"But then felons could buy guns, T-bolt, whenever a hurricane came along!"

That'd be illegal, fair reader.  Felons are not allowed to buy guns.  But you know what... an ex-con has a right to defend himself, too, ya know.

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Will said...

Got a roommate with a pistol. I asked him if he has a holster for it, just in case. He replied: I'm too busy to bother with that. Seems unclear on the concept.

He also buys a lot of takeout food. More than once a day, and doesn't seem to have much food stored, at least not in the kitchen. He normally works from home.