Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Of course not.

"Stand-your-ground laws aren't racist"

Of course they aren't.  Pro gun laws that apply to everyone are really bad if your intent is to racially discriminate.  Now, gun CONTROL laws, those are racist.  Almost universally.  Ask anyone.  Well, not race mongers.  They were disappointed.

"When the Commission undertook this project, the plan was for the Commission to conduct empirical research on “Stand Your Ground” laws and to produce a report containing both that research and a discussion of “Stand Your Ground” laws based in part on the testimony produced at the briefing but also on the Commission staff’s independent research. Alas, when the empirical research did not support the preconceived view of the Commission’s majority that “Stand Your Ground” laws harm African Americans, the project was shelved."

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Miguel GFZ said...

They knew it and hid it... I am not surprised.

Once again we are vindicated