Thursday, April 9, 2020

Crazy Busy

Yet parking at the office gets better every day.  These two things might be related.

Because I am concentrated on work tasks, I have no mental cycles to think about blog fodder.

Because things are peaking between now and Easter, I'm not even going to look at the grocery.  Or beer store.  Or gun range.  The gas station tomorrow, I have to go to that.  That's it.

They are restricting grocery stores.  But if I had to guess, restriction will start getting lifted starting Monday.  Just a guess.  It's post peak, the models are all recognized as over-pessimistic, this is a thing to take seriously, but so is economic existence.  And that's where the signals are pointing.

GLORIOUS weather yesterday.  I went for a walk around our parking lot.  Smells like tree pollen tho...


One thing I'd like to get at the grocery are the 3 ingredients for this. 

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