Friday, April 17, 2020

Grocery Report

Out of an abundance of caution, I didn't go grocery shopping last week.  It's been more than 2 weeks.

Most had masks because the governor said you have to wear masks in public in this state now.  Fine.  Plenty of distancing.  They at least has wipes for your hands at the door if not on the shelves.

Plenty of meat.  Except dark meat chicken.

Eggs were low.

No flour.

Devilled ham in the can is back!

No diet ginger ale.

There was bread, but not my usual brand.  No biggee.

No terlet paper.  Still.

Line were longer and slower, I think because of store staffing?

There was a more of a mood of hopelessness.  Maybe that's just me.  You all need to go back to work.  No one is listening, so, you need to promise me something:

In the coming economic meltdown, you'll know it when your state can't pay your cops because the revenue stopped and the Feds can't back stop the state because not even they can float bonds...  When you get real hungry...  Eat the politicians and media hype-propagandists that insisted you stay home for a, yes, serious, but typical pandemic, first.  EAT THE POLITICIANS FIRST.


Tell politicians that.  If you have to, you will catch and eat them first.  Promise them, if it comes to it...  They can't hide.  I imagine the governor of Michigan will be one of the first in the marinade.  And the governor of Virginia deserves it for plenty of other reasons besides.  NJ's is skating on some thin ice banning the first amendment in his state not.  But they ALL have to know the priority.  It might focus their efforts better.   AND focus them away from tyranny.  Meat is on the menu.

And don't eat your father first.  Especially before the food runs out.

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