Monday, April 6, 2020

From where I sit

The problem isn't the guns that are in the Amerian people's hands.

It's how do we get a few hundred million guns into the Chinese people's hands?

Regular, ordinary, Chinese people.

Shoot, this article is from New Years.  When Hong Kong's struggle to resist Winnie's tyranny was still top of the news.  Different Chinese propaganda flavor then compared to what we get fed now.  But at least they know it is propaganda then:

"The Communist Party of China-sponsored tabloid painted the U.S. as a lawless society with no answers for citizens seeking redress from a gun violence epidemic."

What about Chinese citizens like Uighurs and the people of Hong Kong seeking redress from your Government Violence epidemic?  Or the world seeking redress from your epidemic epidemic?


McChuck said...

To be fair, the Chinese don't really consider the Uighurs to be citizens. The Han empire cares nought for "barbarians". And, of course, they're Muslims.

Ritchie said...

In classical terms, "How do we arm the rest?" Lord of War.