Monday, April 13, 2020

Ifn' you are gonna bug out

You gotta do it BEFORE the other sheep.  Like LONG before.  You have to go there around New Years 2020 for the Chinee Lung Rot.  You should also have a more remote bugout property than a popular vacation getaway.  And you gotta be cool about it.  Quiet as a mouse.

Most of you weren't cool about it.

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Punzdeleon said...

We bugged out 20 years ago according to a plan I made 40 years back. My bride of 36 years modified the plan by moving up the timetable. 1. Marry the right person. 2. I started a pension job young. Youngsters, max your 401Ks. 3. Choose some land. Buy it now, it ain't getting cheaper. It doesn't have to be 100 acres, 2-10 generally works. A shooting buddy's son just bought into our neighborhood. Glad to have him. 4. Improve your property. Shelter. Water supply. Tillable land. Defendable. 5. Build relationships with your eventual neighbors. I rate #1 and # 5 the most important, but only if you go for it.