Friday, April 17, 2020


[Update;  I asked my Mom about the Hong Kong Flu.  That was the year I was born.  She got it, and so did Dad, she says.  Was miserable during it.]

Why would school look different after the pandemic has subsided, you ninny?  "Not sure if school will ever be the same."

Things returned to normal after the Spanish Flu.  After a bunch of polio scares until the vaccine.  After the 1957 Asian Flu.  After the 1969 Hong Kong Flu.

Pandemics happen.  This one isn't even so bad in history.  Don't let this Pandemic make you Perpetual-Panic.  Hogan needs to fire the state school's superintendent.

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McChuck said...

Quibble with the otherwise useful graphic:
HIV/AIDS is not, and never was, a "pandemic". You have to work really hard to catch that foul thing.