Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Now the word here, and other places, is masks are good.  We should have masked up in the beginning. 

The reason 'they' told us not to mask up so that there would be masks available for emergency workers.  (Fair enough.  I begrudge that less, now.) 

But there were no masks to buy even back in January.  I imagine word got out in China and the ordinary people bought em up.  Even with a CHICOM information crackdown, folks hear.  But that's just my guess.

I have 2 dozen masks.  I am saving them for if I get sick, or exposed.  I'll wear it going to the doc or the store or whatever.

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Will said...

Chinese residents in the US were buying cases of masks here and shipping them to family in China. If they couldn't find cases, they sent boxes or just handfuls of them, whatever they could get. One told me it cost more to ship the cases than they cost to buy.

I read a report that one Chinese city stole a mask shipment that was en route to another city, when they realized what it was. Then thumbed their nose at them.