Thursday, April 23, 2020


It's easy to find the perfect pistol.

You know what's hard?  Finding the perfect holster.  And if you DO find a perfect holster?  You'll never find a perfect pistol to put in it.


I may be getting a little screwy.

"What is the perfect holster, T-bolt?  You seem super knowledgeable, with nigh-perfect judgement, good taste, and are very trustworthy."

Yer shining me!  I don't know doodily.


No, seriously.  I haven't laid my eyes on even a fraction of the decent holsters out there, much less all the chaff.  I'm practically groping in the dark.

"Well, where do you lean?  Personally.  You and imperfect ignorant trying to make your way as best you can and have chosen something to use.  What solution are you using now?  A flawed as it might be."

Now you are asking the right questions.

I can tell you what I like and why.

I like to have a holster for every pistol.  That way I gain a measure of safety handling an uncased pistol, because all guns are always loaded.  Since that is the case, a thing that protect the trigger area so I can't get my finger or thumb in there inadvertently is something I like.  I semi-stiffened $12 Uncle Mikes nylong POS holster was what I used on the S&W 686 revolver.  I'd never strap that to my belt, (it's a crappy holster for all other purposes) but it was fine for securing that pistol, loaded, in my gun cabinet. 

For my J-Frames, I use a pocket holster.  Uncle Mikes may be find for this, but mine was getting soft over time.  I don't want a supple holster, personally.  It could lead to exposing what is inside that trigger guard.  DeSantis pocket holsters are what I prefer.

For a belt holster, it depends on what I am using if for.  Competition style draws from the holster?  Walking around open carrying in public?  The first I want little to no retention protection, the latter I want a LOT.  But a Safariland Kydex types in both cases.  Decent quality, and duty grade.  I like the convenience of a paddle, but I am getting away from those and preferring to use the loops.  I don't have much call for a belt holster.  I wish I did.  Training and competition and whatnot.  Not ever again for 'duty', at this point. 

I have a couple of kydex IWB holsters, but my preference is my Milt Sparks VM2 is my favorite.  It looks good (tho few people can admire a IWB holster, really, besides the owner) but it is also well made, and has wide apart belt loops I like.

Is this the be-all end-all recommendation for holsters?  We already established it isn't.  It's just the way I went.

I see others talking about "This is a GREAT holster, the bees knees!" and I go to their website and find out there is no left hand option a lotta times.  So I am kinda limited. 


Bigus Macus said...

I've got a large box full of various holsters in my quest for the perfect holster.

Mike V said...

I’ve never found a IWB holster I could wear, I guess it has to do with my build. I am a fan of the Sparks model 55BN. But then I prefer leather over kydex.

But your right. Holsters are as an individual choice as the pistol; and a dedicated holster for each pistol is a must.

Observer said...

I have many handguns, many holsters. My usual carry combo is a Colt Lightweight Commander, series 80, in 45 ACP, in a Milt Sparks Summer Special. When running or just out about my own property, I carry a Glock 43 in a DeSantis soft tuck. I have a Sparks SS for my G19 but not quite as comfortable, the Glock is a little more blocky.