Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Man Bowl

More like a HUMAN bowl.  I keep looking all over of the stuff I want to carry with me when I go out.  "My wallet is over here, my keys are where..."  So a centralized location is called for.  Why not make this thing a rough hewn wooden bowl?  The only thing missing in a quick grab situation is a canteen and an energy bar.


Knife.  Because I am not an animal.  I will not gnaw on clamshell packaging with my teeth. 

Fingernail clippers.  Because I haven't figured out that way to trim your nails with a knifeblade. 

Chapstick.  Because I refuse to use my own earwax when my lips are dry.

Fire.  We humans mastered that aeons ago.  I don't even smoke anymore, but making fire is important.

Light.  Sometime a match is not enough to push away the darkness.

Writing tools. Something to write on is easy.  Something to write with less so.

And F*** mosquitoes.

Additionally, more advanced tools are nearby.  For times I am not going to the Post Office or whatever.

Not pictured:  The stuff in my pockets or on my person already.  Wallet, watch, keys, other knife


And this is just walking around stuff.  That's a BUG gun, in a normal world. 

All this stuff makes me think how you can get by on just the stuff in your pockets.  Add a toothbrush, and throw my clothes away every 3 days instead of laundering them and make me a tough gorilla and then I am a Jack Reacher type.  Yeah, like that'll happen.

So why in the bowl?  Well, I don't carry ALL that.  But I switch out gear at times.  Frex:  Smaller knife in the summer or with particular pants or if I am going to an airport or what have you.  The problem was, it was scattered all over.  This is trying to organize it into one place so I don't go "where did I put that tiny flashlight and knife combo..." as I pace through the house.  Wouldn't need a bowl if my drawers didn't collect junk.  I just need a place for this stuff.  Years ago, tired of searching high and low, I made a place for my wallet and keys.  And trained myself to use it.  I want to train myself to put this sort of accoutrement here.  Not change or loos paper clips or business cards.  Objects.  That go in a pocket. 

I'm also thinking that this is where a holstered pistol will go, or nearby here.  Perhaps a hook on the wall where I'd hang tomorrow's pants, with holster already looped to the belt, ready to go.  Save some time in the morning, and quick access in the night, as this whole shebang is placed by my bed.


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"Fingernail clippers. Because I haven't figured out that way to trim your nails with a knifeblade."

Wire cutters. Good for whacking finger and toenails, and useful for cutting wire too.