Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Carter 2

I was a kid in Elementary School for the malaisey Carter years.  My teachers, in hindsight, were typical liberals.  My mom liked the man, I bet, but not too much.  She voted for Anderson in 80.  Dad was never a political type.  But I didn't like Jimmy Carter.  I wasn't influenced by anyone.  The biggest influence?  Unchecked inflation and economic doldrums.  A kid like me notices that.  Especially with a can of Coke goes up to 45 cents from 25, a nickel at a time.  It was formative.  Helped make me a Reagan Republican. 

Today's wee bairns?  They are gonna be conservatives too.  As long as the next president doesn't screw up bad and gets the feds out of the way of the economy. Why?  Because of Obama?  Aka:  Carter II?  Yes, but the other Obama.   Michelle.

Like I was nudged by expensive sodas, they will be nudged by her execrable school lunch initiatives.  "Why was the President's wife writing my schools school-lunch menu?  And it was horrible.  Out of Oliver twist.  And that President Perry did a good job, like he did with Texas, right after.  And his wife kept her nose out of my business."

I had no truck with Rosalynn Carter.  But Amy annoyed me, even then.


Sigman said...

I lived through the Carter years also, and have always believed that if he hadn't been so bad Reagan couldn't have gotten elected. Maybe history will repeat.

Old NFO said...

Yep, and now we have the mother AND the kids...