Monday, July 13, 2015

AR Armorer

Gun Skool AAR.

This time, the AR class.

I figure I can use some brushing up.

I know a bunch more about the M1 and M14 because I spent a lot of time futzing with that platform as it was my only rifle.  I got an AR because... why not.  I wanted to be more familiar with the type.  And a class about it can't hurt in that regard.  And I like the instructor's style. 

The class went great.  But, it turns out, it was review for me.  I had practically rebuilt the upper once myself, just muddling through.  And the lower was a stripped lower already, when I got it.   But review is fine.  And I learned some tricks.  Like how to get the pins the join upper and lower out of the lower, and back in, withing sproinging the springs all over creation.  That by pulling on the adjustment lever the right way you can take off the butt stock from the buffer tube.  Oh, and when I got the ring off the barrel when swapping out forends?  I could have gently tugged and the barrel would have come out in my hands.

And whle I was there I went ahead and put in a match trigger.   Just for grins.

All in all, a good day, tater.

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Old NFO said...

Nice, and reviewing and learning new things is never a bad idea!