Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Target Stand

I once made a target stand out of scrap 2x4s and drywall screws.  It was heavy and bulky and seems like a waste of wood.  Rifle bullets scrapped it with a quickness, too.

You know what makes a better quickie target stand for outdoor range days?  These.

(I chose this flavor because if I posted a pic of his opponent and that the signs make good targets, fringe idiots might come to the wrong and conclusion.  I'm not threatening anyone.  Unless wire sighs are now sentient beings, in which case I am a monster.)

You can get old signs, or use blank sign boards, also available online or at Staples.  Search for 'Yard Signs'.  Or, go to the liquor store and get corrugated cardboard boxes and cut them up to fit the wires.

Sometime your bullet will hit and part the legs, but at a buck a piece?  That cheaper than the Shoot N See stickers you are gonna plaster on the Michelob Ultra case you cut up.

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