Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jiggle jiggle jiggle, AT you!

Hootie McBoob here (Dem, Montgy Cty) wants to be my congresswoman, taking over for the great and noble Chris Van Hollen that thinks he is gonna step into Babs McCulsky's Senate office.

I don't think the arrest for Indecent Exposure and Sweater-Meat Brandishing (a misdemeanor in my state, I believe) will hurt her at the polls.  We have a lot of boobs that go to the polls here.

Totally unrelated question.  I wonder how many of our elected officials, percentage wise, just skate along that edge between sanity and a candidate for the booby-hatch?

"Kelly said 'Arrest me then', and put her wrists together in a gesture asking to be arrested.

She was arrested."


B said...

THe video the ex hubby took could likely get her elected, if presented properly....

Sigman said...

1st Officer: We got someone who's begging us to arrest her!

2nd Officer: Let's oblige her! (reaches for handcuffs) Then we'll need to get a copy of that video, for evidence purposes of course (winks at 1st Officer).

1st Officer: Oh, we definitely need a copy of the video (grinning knowingly).