Monday, July 20, 2015

"He can still ban guns!"

"He just has to use the fed's throw weight via purchasing power to get the manufacturers to do his bidding." Says sumdood in the NYTimes.  To Obama. 

Look, Sumdood.  Obama only has 18 months left.  And he'd rather have a Democrat come in after him to secure his legacy.  And gun bans motivate votes for the GOP and lack of gun bans doesn't help elect Hillaries.

Plus, the gov't sorta tried this.  Turns out the purchasing power of the government doesn't stand up to the anger of gun buyers rejecting Quisling manufacturers.  It almost killed S&W in the 90s. 

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mikee said...

How, exactly, would the anti-gunners be unhappy if S&W, or any other gunmaker, went out of business?

Isn't that the whole idea?