Monday, July 6, 2015

Army's New Pistol

The proposed XM17 has 3 main contenders.

  1. STI Detonics STX
  2. Sig 320
  3. Beretta APX

What?  No Gold Cup Delta Elite?  Woulda really helped out Colt if they had thrown them a bone, and before now.  That was my first thought. 

My second thought is that these guns, while interesting, don't scream time tested familiarity.  The STI intrigues, but heck the Taurus Curve and Remington R51 intrigue me.  Doesn't mean I'd get one for myself.

My third thought is that I doubt DoD will do anything.  Again.

(The gunsmith that I take classes from is not a fan of that Colt, btw.  Weird trigger, Series 80, plus odd extra fiddly bits in the sear?  Ick.)

But this comment about the 1911: "Um, no. Every pistol on this list is more accurate, reliable, has a higher magazine capacity, and better recoil control that the service grade 1911."  I quibble.  I'd say the expense of keeping a 1911 at that level is the real problem.  It can be equal or better than every gun on the list, with those criteria.  It just take labor and money to do that, pricing the model out of the competition in a stroke.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Uncle is gonna git me in trouble!~

Old NFO said...

I wonder if STI can actually ramp to produce the quantities if they win...

B said...

More accurate? Really, in whose hands?

In the hands of MOST soldiers, there is no difference in accuracy, really.