Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Color Me Intrigued

I am a sucker for small, compact, solutions like this.

It could make me into a reloader, just because it's nifty.  Sorta like I would want to be a watch maker 100 years ago.  Because your whole operation from soup to nuts fits in a roll top desk.  And that sort of tidiness is right in my wheel house.

You know what else?  Rifle cleaning kits that fit in a magazine sized and shaped container.  The West Germans made one and you can get them in surplus stores, and I have one for my M1A.

I need one for my AR.  Like this one.  But more available.  Oh wait, it's on Amazon.  Carry on.

Yeah I am a sucker for stuff like those.


Old NFO said...

Those are nice set ups... As long as you don't mistakenly try to load one... :-)

Mike W. said...

I love the little W. German ones. Pretty cool that you got one of those along with a barely shot Sig Sauer for ~$250. Of course those guns aren't going for $250 anymore.